How To Choose the Best Resort For Your Orlando Family Vacation

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March 1, 2024
March 1, 2024

Vacationing in Orlando, Florida allows families to experience fun for all ages thanks to its multiple attractions and activities. These thrills require a balance with relaxation, and achieving this balance depends on booking the right resort.

An ideal retreat for your family encompasses ample space tailored to your needs and a plethora of amenities to guarantee a delightful stay for all. Moreover, convenience is key, with a strategic location granting easy access to Orlando’s attractions, while ensuring the resort itself is a source of joy and entertainment.

Allow us to be your guide in navigating the process of selecting the best resort for your Orlando family getaway.

1. Space for Families

Large family playing on various game tables and arcade games in their Encore Resort home game room
Some of you may be visiting Orlando in a small group, while others may be traveling with multiple family members. No matter the case, your choice for a resort should provide enough room for everyone.
Larger families will benefit from resorts that offer space for guests in groups of over 10, especially if you are staying with more than just your immediate family. This not only gives each member their own room, but also leaves space for in-home entertainment such as video games and movies.

2. Convenient Location

How much of your destination you get to experience while on vacation will depend on where your resort is positioned. Choosing a resort is easy as long as you find a perfect balance between places to visit during your stay.
We recommend a resort that is less than one hour away from the airport, as this can give you more time for relaxing or having a night on the town. A resort within a short driving distance from shopping, dining, and attraction areas allows for more fun during your stay.
Family walking on the Promenade at Sunset Walk with shopping bags.

3. Flexibility with Dates

Family with two young kids checking in with an Encore Resort concierge
One of the challenges of planning a vacation is figuring out when you can visit and how long your trip will be. Situations may come up last minute that will change your plans, and the right resort can accommodate to your needs.
The best resorts allow you to change your visit or add on days without including unnecessary penalties or charges. This can help with situations such as a fellow traveler not being able to go, a family emergency, or weather that can interfere with your itinerary.

4. Amenity Checklist

Staying in a town as adventurous as Orlando requires a checklist of amenities to help you relax before and after activities. Such items include central AC to cool off in Florida weather and fast Internet for checking emails and watching movies and tv shows on streaming services during your down time.
Resorts that offer fire pits allow you to spend cool nights gazing at the stars, and swimming pools and hot tubs can help you relax in great Florida weather during the day. Your kids will love bedrooms themed after their favorite characters, as well as the chance to play in game rooms and watch their favorite movies in their in-home theaters.
A large family watching something exciting in their Encore Resort home movie theater room.

5. Options for Activities

Arcade with various games and prize machines at Encore Resort at Reunion
You don’t always have to leave the resort to experience fun, especially when you stay in Orlando. Your choice should offer activities that parents and children can engage in with each other and on their own.
The best resorts give you access to water slides and sports facilities the whole family can enjoy, as well as allow kids to play while parents relax in the cabanas. You can take your kids to onsite playgrounds when the sun is out or spend other days in the arcade.

6. Dining Variety

While Orlando is home to a variety of popular restaurants and local establishments, your resort should also provide high-quality breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Resorts with restaurants that cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions will make deciding on where to dine much easier for everyone in your group. For convenience, some of these restaurants even offer delivery.
Looking for something a little more unique? Some resorts even offer special dining options, like private chef and bartender experiences, making your Orlando vacation even more magical.
Three women share dinner at Finns Restaurant in the Encore Resort Clubhouse.

7. Access to Attractions

Family Outside of Their Orlando Vacation Home
Orlando is world-famous for the multiple theme parks that offer thrills capable of making your trip a memorable one. However, the best way to get the most out of these parks and other attractions is with easy access from your resort.
Resorts that offer complimentary transportation services for theme parks can get you to your favorite rides in minutes. This can help you save money on gas, which can then go towards other purchases at the parks.

8. Special Events

Vacations can serve as a more exciting way to celebrate a special occasion among your family members. One way to boost your stay at your resort is to choose one that offers venues to celebrate these occasions.
Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special event, consider how much space and services these venues offer. Your occasion can be fun with catering and menus that provide something for everyone.
Group of kids eating lunch during an Encore Resort hosted party on the Clubhouse outdoor terrace
Selecting the perfect resort for your Orlando family vacation is the cornerstone of crafting unforgettable memories that will be treasured for years to come.
Consider Encore Resort for an unparalleled Orlando resort experience. Embrace the mantra of “Live life on vacation” as you indulge in the lavish comforts of Encore’s vacation homes paired with resort luxuries. Don’t wait any longer – secure your stay (opens in a new tab) at Encore today to ensure a wonderful time for every member of the family.
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