The Story of Encore Resort at Reunion

Life’s Encores

Sammy the Surfing bear waves hello!

Tales of expeditions, fun, and excitement galore
are all what we call “Life’s Encores.”
You’ll recognize one when
you want to do something again and again!

Ever wonder how Encore Resort came to be?
Well, it all started with the Luna family!

When you check in, you’ll receive a story
about Encore Resort in all its glory.
With the book, you can color in
the tale of Nico, Dani, Max, and Finn!

At first, the siblings could not agree
on the next big vacation for the Luna family.
Then, with the help of Grandpa Finn, magic, and more,
the Luna siblings came together to create the resort of Encore!

Grandpa Finn waves hello

Grandpa Finn

Wise, spunky, and free as a feather,
Grandpa Finn wants his family to treasure time together.
With the help of magic, Finn finds a way
to help his grandkids create the perfect stay!

Nico Luna giving a thumbs up

Nico Luna

Lover of luxury, Nico decrees
that he wants to vacation where he’ll be stress-free.
As the oldest sibling, Nico feels
as if his decisions should receive no appeals.

Dani Luna spinning a basketball on her finger

Dani Luna

Athletic and bright, Dani supports
vacationing somewhere she can play sports!
As the middle child, it’s become clear,
Dani likes to go where she’s met with cheer.

Max Luna in a swim suit and Sammy the Surfer T-shirt

Max Luna

Though the youngest, Max seeks the most thrills
and likes to explore whatever he wills.
With his teddy in hand, Max has expectations
to discover adventures beyond our wildest imaginations.

Sammy the teddy bear surfing on a wave

Sammy the Surfer

A special teddy Max has forever had,
Sammy the Surfer is totally rad.
This beachy bear is super brave.
You will often find him riding a wave!

To find out more, book a vacation,
and with your family have an Encore celebration!

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