Encore Resort at Reunion

Encore Team Sports Facilities & Fitness Center

Encore Resort at Reunion is a great place for sports teams or large groups looking to create a memorable team bonding experience. Our 3- to 13-bedroom homes and numerous sports facilities are available to guests to create a perfect fit.

With two tennis courts, two basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and a full soccer field, sports are an amazing part of what Encore offers. We’ve also partnered with football legend Dan Marino, so you not only have the availability to meet and greet him during promotional visits to the resort, but you can also rent his personal vacation home.

Women playing tennis on the Encore Resort East Side sports facilities.

Tennis Courts

There are two hard-surface tennis courts located next to the Encore clubhouse. Reserving a tennis court can be done inside the clubhouse.

Basketball Courts

A state-of-the-art full basketball court is at the Encore East Amenity Center. There’s also a half court next to the Encore Clubhouse. Basketballs are available in the clubhouse.

A father and son playing basketball on the Encore Resort East Side sports facilities.
Children in Encore Resort uniforms play soccer on the resort’s sports facilities.

Soccer Field

Encore Resort has a full soccer field located behind the water park. Soccer balls are available at the clubhouse.

Volleyball Court

Two sand volleyball courts are next to the Encore Clubhouse. There’s also a sand court at the Encore East Side Amenity Center. Volleyballs are available at the clubhouse.

Woman playing volleyball at Encore Resort at Reunion.
Encore Resort guests running on the Clubhouse Fitness Room’s treadmills.

Fitness Center

For many of our guests, health and fitness are important priorities in life. Whether you’re continuing your daily training or looking to start a fitness routine, our Fitness Center has all the equipment you need.

Avaliable Equipment

Fitness Center Hours

6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
Call 407-308-0523

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