How to Plan the Ultimate Holiday Getaway in Orlando

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December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

Are you considering spending your next holiday vacation in Orlando, Florida? If so, staying at Encore Resort at Reunion will allow you to experience the best the area has to offer.

Knowing your options for activities and what is suited for all ages can make your days easier to plan. Having multiple avenues for getting around town will help you schedule your itinerary to leave room for all possible adventures.

Make the most of your winter retreat with our guide. Here is how to plan the ultimate holiday getaway in Orlando.

Choosing a Resort

Large family playing on various game tables and arcade games in their Encore Resort home game room
Having fun in Orlando requires knowing which resort will grant you easy access to the area’s best attractions. Book early and understand your options for rooms and accommodations so that you can relax and have fun when you need to at the best price.
When it comes to Encore Resort, families are guaranteed to experience excitement in and out of their rooms. Parents can relax with the resort’s spa services, and kids can enjoy the water park, arcade and sports facilities.

Scheduling Park Visits

With the options for theme parks available in Orlando, visitors will not be short on solutions to their thrill-seeking needs. Whether it’s Universal Studios, SeaWorld, or any of Disney’s many parks, your holiday should be packed with fun.
The number of parks you will be able to visit will depend on how long you are staying and how you budget for them. Create a list of parks to see that can fit in with your vacation with other activities, and take advantage of the holiday-themed events that they host.
Christmas fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
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Options for Transportation

A multigenerational family of 11 dressed in Disney-themed T-shirts cheers while riding a complimentary Encore Resort shuttle to Walt Disney World.
One way to save time during your holiday getaway is to know the different ways you can travel to attractions. If you plan on driving to parks and other local activities, an additional transportation option is available to get you to your destinations quickly.
When staying at Encore, you have access to the theme park shuttle service to get to a variety of theme parks early in the day. Some parks will be closer than others, so the shuttle service may be saved for parks that are further away.

Keep Your Group in Mind

A successful holiday retreat requires activities and attractions that can bring excitement to visitors of all ages. Those visiting with their family should make sure they have an itinerary for both adults and children.
Vacationing in Orlando offers a variety of sources of fun for guests of all ages. When you are not out exploring the attractions of Orlando, your resort should offer activities that keep you and your kids entertained.
Large family having fun in their Encore Resort home private pool

Look for Holiday Deals

Woman’s hands typing on a laptop while working on the Encore Resort Third Floor Terrace.
One of the challenges of planning a holiday vacation is knowing how and where to save money. Having fun in Orlando doesn’t have to come at the expense of your wallet, especially with the routes of cutting costs that are available.
Keep an eye on holiday deals that different airlines are offering so that you can enjoy cheaper flights to your destination. Your resort should also offer deals on your stay, and discounted theme park tickets can keep your wallet full while you enjoy rides with your family.

Save Time for Family Time

While we recommend taking advantage of the local attractions, the holidays offer an opportunity to spend more time with family. This is why we advise you to take advantage of your resort to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.
You can save the nights for celebrations after spending the days at parks, or you can reserve specific days for these occasions at your resort. Check ahead of time if your resort is hosting special celebrations your family can take part in.
Happy family having fun at the Encore Resort water park
Orlando is the perfect holiday retreat destination if you want to experience excitement with family under the sun. Book with Encore Resort today to create new holiday memories.
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