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February 21, 2024
February 21, 2024

Here in Orlando, we feel that if your partner loves you even just a little more than Mickey Mouse, you must be doing something right! Go ahead and lock it down with a storybook-worthy proposal they are sure to love. While Walt Disney World Resort does offer private packages for your special moment, if you’re thinking of something a little less…expensive … here’s how you guarantee the magic:

1. Figure out their favorite park and their favorite area of that park

Happy couple feeding each other popcorn at the Magic Kingdom
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This may sound easy, but many true Disney fans have several favorites. Is it Mainstreet USA at the Magic Kingdom? One of the exotic locales of EPCOT? Are they dazzled by the fireworks, obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, or dying to meet their favorite character one-on-one? It’s probably best to ask them outright — just try not to be too obvious about why you’re suddenly so interested.

2. Scout out the location in advance

Luckily for you, even if they have several spots they love — and you’re able to figure them all out — chances are, only one or two will be ideal for those amazing engagement-moment photos. If possible, try to visit at least once alone before your big day with the purpose of figuring out the precise spot you’ll get on your knee. (Remember, when in doubt, the Cinderella Castle always makes a beautiful backdrop!)
View of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom
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3. Book your photographer ASAP

Photographer taking a photo of a couple
We cannot over-emphasize how important it is to carefully select your engagement photographer. Yes, it’s convenient to have your BFF snap a few cell phone shots before jumping out from behind a Mickey-shaped shrub, but we strongly advise you hire a professional. Orlando is full of creatives, many of whom are very familiar with the layout, lighting and crowds specific to Walt Disney World. A little research goes a long way — start with a Google search, but don’t rule out browsing Disney wedding hashtags on Instagram and working backwards.

4. Be smart about inviting others to participate in your engagement

Does your sweetheart want a big, dramatic proposal surrounded by all the people they loves most in the world? Then you have an interesting dilemma — you’ll need to give family and friends enough warning so that they can plan and budget, but not enough time to accidentally spill the beans to your future spouse. Be strategic! Try waiting until after any upcoming group gatherings to present the idea to a single person who can coordinate with everyone else.
Parents watching their daughter get engaged in their Encore Resort home

5. Book your vacation home accommodations for the after party!

Full living room, dining, and kitchen areas highlighting sofas and armchairs in living room
After a long day celebrating at “The Happiest Place on Earth,” you’re all going to need somewhere to crash. Don’t bother with a block of hotel rooms that everyone may not even book; consider a whole vacation home rental at Encore Resort at Reunion! Only 5 miles from Walt Disney World, we offer beautiful houses with private rooms, backyard pools, in-unit washer/dryer units, and fully equipped kitchens, plus resort luxuries like a water park and free shuttle.

6. Create a Customized Scavenger Hunt

Add a whimsical twist to your proposal by organizing a customized scavenger hunt leading up to the big moment. Incorporate clues that are meaningful to your relationship and sprinkle in some Disney magic. Each clue could lead to a different favorite spot or Disney memory, culminating in the ultimate destination where you’ll propose. It’s a playful and personal way to engage your partner in the magic of Disney while building up to your special moment.
Girl looking up at Cinderella's Castle, surrounded by balloons, at the Magic Kingdom
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7. Plan a Surprise Character Meet and Greet

Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto walking around the Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World
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Disney characters can play a significant role in your proposal. Arrange a surprise meet and greet with your partner’s favorite Disney character, who can then help in the proposal. Imagine the joy on their face when their favorite character hands them a note leading to your proposal, or even better, helps you present the ring. It’s a dream-come-true moment for any Disney fan.

8. Incorporate a Magical Disney Moment

Plan your proposal around a magical Disney event, like the nighttime fireworks or a parade. As the skies light up with colors or as their favorite characters parade by, get down on one knee. This timing not only ensures a beautiful backdrop but also aligns your special moment with a quintessential Disney experience.
Spaceship Earth exterior lit up with multicolor lights at night
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9. Personalize with Disney-Themed Elements

Happy couple on Sunset Boulevard at night in Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Incorporate Disney-themed elements into your proposal. This could be as simple as wearing Mickey and Minnie ears, using a custom Disney-themed ring box, or even a proposal message written with the help of Disney-themed balloons. These little touches add an extra layer of personalization and Disney charm.

10. Choose the Perfect Moment

Disney parks are known for their bustling atmosphere, so finding the right moment can be crucial. Consider proposing during a quieter time, like during a show everyone is watching, or find a less crowded spot for a more intimate setting. Sunrise proposals in the park, if possible, or just as the park opens can also be uniquely beautiful and less crowded.
Couple enjoying Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treats next to a Cinderella Castle wall at the Magic Kingdom
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11. Capture the Moment

Happy couple taking a selfie in front of a butterfly topiary at EPCOT's Flower & Garden Festival
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Ensure every magical moment is captured. If you’ve hired a professional photographer, discuss with them about capturing candid shots of the entire experience, not just the proposal moment. These photos will be a cherished memory of your special day.

12. After the Proposal

Remember, the magic doesn’t end with the proposal. Plan a celebratory dinner at one of Disney’s themed restaurants to continue the enchantment. Book in advance and let them know about your special occasion — Disney is known for going the extra mile in making celebrations memorable.
Group of friends having a celebration dinner at STK restaurant in Disney Springs
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After the excitement of your Disney proposal, relax and relive the magic at Encore Resort at Reunion, the perfect place to start planning your future together. With its close proximity to Walt Disney World and luxurious amenities, it’s the ideal setting to celebrate your engagement and begin dreaming about your fairytale wedding.
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