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June 1, 2024
June 1, 2024

Living Life On Vacation at Encore Resort is all about embracing togetherness, fun, with a touch of luxury and convenience. What better way to experience it all than through the resort’s amazing dining options? Guests can choose to dine with a casual family meal at a restaurant, host a party at a vacation home with a private chef, or even get a meal kit delivered, just to name a few.

Let’s dive into all the delicious details of dining at Encore Resort and see how it takes vacations to the next level:

Finns Restaurant: The Go-To Spot

A group dining at Finns Restaurant.

Start the day right or wind down in the evening at Finns Restaurant. This versatile dining spot caters to all cravings with a menu that includes fresh salads, juicy burgers, and mouthwatering pasta. Guests can enjoy hearty breakfasts while planning their day’s adventures or savor satisfying dinners after a fun-filled day. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly service make it a comfortable spot where everyone can find something they love, perfect for family meals or casual hangouts with friends.

Finns also has an extensive take-out menu available for both pickup and delivery.

Chill Vibes at Shark Lounge

Shark Lounge is the ideal place to kick back with a cocktail or a cold beer. This lounge is all about chill vibes, offering a relaxed environment to unwind after a busy day. Whether spending the day lounging by the pool or playing a round of golf, Shark Lounge provides the perfect setting to enjoy light bites and good drinks. It’s a great spot to socialize with friends or enjoy a quiet evening drink, with a wide selection of cocktails, wines, and beers that ensures there’s something for every taste.

A family shares drinks at Finns Restuarant at Encore Resort.

Outdoor Fun at the Bis Grill

Bis Grill at Encore Resort, with water slides towering behind it.

The Bis Grill is conveniently located in the resort’s water park area and offers a range of favorites, including burgers, tacos, and chicken sandwiches. The casual, poolside setting makes it a favorite for families and anyone looking to enjoy a meal in the Florida sunshine.

Start the Day Right: Encore Coffee House

Need a caffeine fix or a tasty pastry throughout the day? The Encore Coffee House offers a range of Starbucks® coffees, teas, and tasty treats. It’s the perfect spot to grab breakfast on the go or enjoy a quick snack with a favorite beverage.

Closeup shot of a barista serving coffee to a customer in a cafe

Fancy a Personal Chef? Enjoy a Chef & Bartender Experience

Encore Resort Chef Experience: Expert chef preparing a meal in a family’s private vacation home

To truly indulge, consider trying the in-home chef or bartender experience. This service offers luxury and convenience, allowing guests to enjoy a personalized dining experience without leaving the comfort of their vacation home. A professional chef prepares a custom meal tailored to specific preferences, making it perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying a gourmet meal. The in-home chef experience ensures a memorable and delicious dining event.

Delicious & Quick: Nico’s Pizza Delivery

Pizza lovers will rejoice with Nico’s Pizza Delivery. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a late-night snack, Nico’s delivers hot, delicious pizzas right to the door. With a variety of toppings and styles to choose from, it’s easy to satisfy pizza cravings without leaving the comfort of the vacation home. Perfect for a casual meal after a day of adventures or a fun family dinner.

Grocery Delivery to the Front Door

Encore Resort Grocery Delivery Family

Encore Resort provides a convenient grocery delivery service for those who enjoy cooking but dislike grocery shopping. Guests can order groceries before their arrival and have them delivered right to their door, making it easy to prepare home-cooked meals without the hassle of shopping while on vacation.

There are a variety of grocery and welcome packages to choose from with ingredients ranging from breakfast essentials, snacks for movie nights, and even burgers to throw on the grill!

Hassle-Free Feasts: Catering Delivery

Planning a special event or just don’t feel like cooking for a lot of people? Then try Encore’s catering delivery service which sends delicious, catered meals directly to each guest’s vacation home. Whether it’s a family gathering, a birthday celebration, or a corporate event, Encore’s catering delivery service ensures that everyone enjoys a fantastic meal without the hassle of cooking or cleanup.

Spread of food and condiments in catering trays and bowls.

Fun & Easy: DIY Dinner Packages

Kids in chefs hats and aprons making cookies

For a fun and interactive dining experience, try the DIY Dinner Packages. These packages come with all the ingredients and instructions needed to prepare a delicious meal right in the vacation home. It’s a great way to enjoy a home-cooked meal without the planning and shopping. Plus, it can be a fun activity for families or groups to cook together and enjoy a freshly made dinner.

In essence, Living Life On Vacation at Encore Resort entails indulging in a variety of dining experiences that cater to every need and preference, from casual bites by the pool to gourmet meals prepared by a personal chef. The resort’s dining options ensure that every meal can be a delightful and convenient part of the vacation experience, enhancing the overall sense of relaxation and enjoyment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to savor every moment of your getaway. Book now (opens in a new tab) and start Living Life On Vacation at Encore Resort!

Nico Luna holding a pizza while wearing a chefs outfit

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