Luna Bay

Luna Bay Activity Center at Encore Resort at Reunion

Max’s Dream Ocean Adventure

Max dreamed of exploring the big blue with his siblings, diving deep into a mysterious ocean oasis he calls Luna Bay. In this lost realm, fish and treasure glow with intriguing color, a sunken ship awaits discovery, and the impossible is possible. Here, incredible games are played on the seafloor, exciting marine animals swim by, and fun is never hard to find.

Champion of imagination, Max created an oceanic clubhouse oasis where everyone can explore, discover, and have a blast! Inspired by Max’s dream ocean adventure, Luna Bay is filled with play structures, activities, and fun that cultivate creativity, curiosity, and happy memories.

About Luna Bay

Formerly known as “Hang Ten Hideaway,” the redesigned Luna Bay Activity Center was created entirely by team members within the Encore Resort family, from the hand-drawn and painted walls to the custom activities and indoor treasure sandbox! This neon-esque, under the sea adventure will truly bring new experiences to both new and returning guests.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 12 PM to 8 PM
Friday to Sunday Closed

Custom Activities & Offerings

  • Sand Art
  • Aromatherapy Crafts
  • Drop Off Services (Coming Soon)
  • Build a Buddy
  • And so much more!