Stay a Spell Broom & Breakfast

Stay a Spell Broom & Breakfast: Halloween-Themed Events & Specials Encore Resort at Reunion

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Willow the Welcoming Witch flying on her broom

My cherished guests & ghouls,

With warmth, excitement, and magic as well,
I welcome you, kindly, to Stay a Spell.
Willow the Welcoming Witch is my name,
and I use my great powers to entertain!
I charmed this resort with my hospitable hex,
which prompted the ideal bewitching effects.
For this realm I’ve created calls for no fright.
My quaint Broom & Breakfast is here to delight!
Inside, I conjured activities galore,
featuring pumpkins, creatures, and oh, so much more!
You may spot my hat (or two) on a hunt,
or receive a broom service delivery out front!
There are spirits to drink and “witch crafts” to make.
I even tell stories that may make you shake!

And, as the Saturday sky’s hue turns ash,
I host the thrilling and chilling Wicked Splash Bash!
So, welcome again. It brings me great cheer
that you have decided to Stay a Spell here!

Willow the Welcoming Witch’s signature

Meow meow meow. Meow meow!
—Midnight the Magical Cat

Cat’s paw print

Halloween Activities & Events

Uh oh! It looks like Willow’s hats have gone missing. Can you help her find them during this frightfully fun scavenger hunt around the Clubhouse?

Hosted by the Lunas and their Spell Hop assistants, The Luna Lair of Extraordinary Crafts are the perfect way for guests to experience life as a witch and warlock as they make spells, charms, potions, and more.

Come on by one of our three Trick -or-Treat stations  and wear your costume and receive a handful of candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Spirited Specials

Special food and beverage offerings with spirited names are sure to delight guests and add an extra touch of fun to the spooky season. Prices vary.

Pumpkin Spice Martinis in glasses
Pumpkin brownies on a plate decorated for Halloween.

Halloween Themed Vacation Homes

Monster Party

Willow’s Harvest Hollow

Pumpkin Palooza