Top Family Movies to Watch from your Resort Home
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June 1, 2023

After a long day of adventuring, there’s nothing like piling on the couch with the ones you love. In your home away from home, you can enjoy these films about families near and far.


Aquamarine movie poster
Ⓒ 20th Century Studios
What do you do when you find a mermaid in your swimming pool? Find her a date, of course! This teen flick features one washed-up mermaid with magical powers and two best friends on the verge of being separated forever. Their wish to never be apart will be granted iif they can just prove true love exists, and they know just the hunky lifeguard for the job. Get ready to giggle through this romantic romp.


In this film, the Italian Riviera acts as the ideal backdrop for the perfect summer. This flick is filled with Vespa rides, new friends, and a little bit of trying-not-to reveal-that-you’re-actually-a-sea-monster. Luca will have your little monsters diving into adventure (and the pool) all summer long!
Luca movie poster
Ⓒ Disney / Pixar

The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap movie poster
Ⓒ Disney
At summer camp, Hallie and Annie discover that they are sisters – no, identical twins! Now, they must come up with a plan to get their parents to fall in love again. One problem, they live on opposite sides of the world. Schemes and shenanigans delight as the girls try to reignite their parent’s long-forgotten romance.

Teen Beach Movie

A rainy day at the beach? That’s no fun. A magical storm transporting two young surfers into a classic movie? That’s the cat’s meow! In a flurry of musical numbers and kooky characters, Mackenzie and Brady must find their way home before the plot gets too off beat.
Teen Beach Movie poster
Ⓒ Disney

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour movie poster
Ⓒ Dreamworks
When the fate of the world’s music is put in danger, Princess Poppy explores the world – and her music taste- to bring the world back to harmony. An adventure of an epic scale which reminds us that leaving your comfort zone can help you find a new groove!

The Mitchell’s Vs. the Machines

One family’s vacation descends into disaster, like, apocalyptic disaster. Laugh along as the Mitchells fight for humanity’s last hope in this quirky comedy.
The Mitchell’s Vs. the Machines movie poster
Ⓒ Sony Pictures Animation / Netflix

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical movie poster
Ⓒ Sony Pictures Releasing International
One small voice can make a big change. This film centers an extraordinary little girl who uses her unique talents to stand up for the little guys. With a Tony-award winning score, Matilda is an inspirational tale of justice and courage in the face of larger-than-life challenges.

Better Nate than Ever

When 13-year-olds Nate and Libby find a casting call for “Lilo and Stitch: The Musical” they know they have to make it to the Big Apple or bust. Follow along as Nate overcomes every obstacle standing in the way of his biggest dream: becoming a Broadway Star. This whimsical farce will have you smiling until the curtain closes.
Better Nate Than Ever movie poster
Ⓒ Disney

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride movie poster
Ⓒ 20th Century Studios
This classic movie shares the joy in passing down fairy tales. Featuring daring sword fights, a touching love story, pirates, monsters, and more, The Princess Bride is sure to satisfy all ages.
We hope these movies piqued your interest, and you’ve made some movie plans!
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