Fun & Fitness: Encore’s Exceptional Sports Amenities

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July 1, 2024
July 1, 2024

Imagine starting the day with a serene jog around beautifully landscaped grounds, followed by a thrilling tennis match on a well-maintained court, and wrapping up with a refreshing dip in the giant pool. All of these activities are available at Encore Resort, plus so much more.

Active families, sports teams, or any group gathering will love all the state-of-the-art sports and fitness facilities at Encore Resort, which are a short walk from the resort’s luxury vacation homes.

This comprehensive guide highlights all the incredible sports and fitness facilities that Encore has to offer.

Basketball Courts

A father and son playing basketball on the Encore Resort East Side sports facilities.

Show off those three-point shots at one of Encore’s basketball courts. Grab a basketball at the Clubhouse and shoot a quick half-court game before venturing out to Orlando’s theme parks. The full-size court at the East Side Amenity Center is perfect for whole family where parents can teach (or maybe get schooled by) their kids in a fast-paced game.

Volleyball Courts

Bring sandy beach fun to the heart of Orlando with a game of volleyball at one of the resort’s sand courts. Head over to the two sand volleyball courts adjacent to the clubhouse for a quick game, practice, or to participate in a group tournament. An additional sand volleyball court can be found at the East Side Amenity Center.

Woman playing volleyball at Encore Resort at Reunion.

Tennis Courts

Women playing tennis on the Encore Resort East Side sports facilities.

Tennis enthusiasts will find the courts outside the Encore Clubhouse an ideal spot for a match. These two hard-surface tennis courts provide a perfect setting for a spirited game of doubles or an exciting family tournament. New players can practice their forehands and backhands, while parents can teach their kids how to serve like their favorite professional tennis stars.

Soccer Field

A sports retreat at Encore Resort is incomplete without an exhilarating afternoon on the resort’s soccer field. Start by picking up soccer balls at the clubhouse, then head to the field to emulate the goal shots of your favorite professional players. Conveniently located just behind the water park, the soccer field offers the perfect spot for an intense match followed by a refreshing cool-down and splash around in the water.

Kids play soccer on the Encore Resort sports field, with water slides at the Aqua Park towering in the background.

Fitness Center

Young man lifting weights with a friend spotting in the Encore Resort fitness center.

Stay up to date on personal health routines and goals at the resort’s fitness center located in the resort’s clubhouse. This space is designed to meet the needs of health enthusiasts and casual exercisers alike. Equipped with the latest cardio machines, free weights, and strength training equipment, the fitness center offers everything necessary for a comprehensive workout.

Resort & Vacation Home Pools

The resort’s main pool is an inviting space where guests can engage in a variety of aquatic exercises. Swimming laps is an excellent way to get a full-body workout, combining cardiovascular benefits with muscle strengthening.

For a more personalized experience, many of Encore Resort’s vacation homes feature private pools. These secluded settings are great for a morning swim or an evening cool-down session after a full day of activities. Enjoy playing water games, which are both entertaining and a great way to keep moving. Additionally, the privacy of the home pools allows for uninterrupted relaxation and fitness routines tailored to everyone’s preferences.

Large family having fun in their Encore Resort home private pool

East Side Amenity Center

East Side Pavilion

The East Side Amenity Center is the perfect spot for everything from small family gatherings to large sports groups.

The basketball court is great for a friendly game or some serious practice. Additionally, there is a well-maintained volleyball court where guests can enjoy a game or two, whether they are seasoned players or just playing for fun.

There is also a dedicated playground area where kids can burn off energy and make new friends. Plus, the splash pad will help them cool off after all the playtime.

After all the fun and excitement, walk over to the East Side Pavilion to grill up some burgers or host a picnic. The pavilion has an outdoor kitchen with two grills, a covered dining area with seating for 42, and is fully equipped with kitchen essentials to make food storage easy. The resort events team will be more than happy to help plan a group gathering in this space.

Encore Resort at Reunion offers an unparalleled array of sports facilities that cater to the diverse interests of families and groups. From the tennis courts and soccer field to the vibrant pool areas and modern fitness center, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Guests will find endless opportunities to stay active, bond over friendly games, and create unforgettable memories.

Live Life On Vacation and plan (opens in a new tab) the next family getaway or group retreat at Encore Resort – the perfect setting for fun, fitness, and togetherness.

Dani Luna spinning a basketball on her finger

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