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Halloween Activities & Events at Encore Resort at Reunion

Stay a Spell at encore resort

october 1 – October 31, 2021

Stay a Spell Broom & Breakfast

Willow the Welcoming Witch's Broom & Breakfast is sure to delight you!

Dear Families & Frights,

I, Willow the Welcoming Witch, have cast a hospitable hex on Encore Resort, manifesting my Stay a Spell: Broom & Breakfast! This charming realm is nothing to fear… For my magic kindles a quaint and inviting atmosphere! 

At my broom & breakfast, all guests and ghouls are warmly greeted with whimsical and woodsy displays of decor, all appealing to my apothecary ways of magic. My assortments of trinkets and charms fill the space as everything else in eyesight captures an eccentric sense of spellbinding comfort.

To ensure a bewitching time, I’ve conjured up an array of exciting activities that I know will entrance my guests all October long.

Willow’s Lair of Extraordinary Witch Crafts

Assisted by my Spell Hop assistants, I guide special “Witch Crafts.” These sensational activities are the perfect way for my guests to experience life as a witch as they make spells, charms, potions, and more.

Willow's Witch Hat Hunt

I have a silly habit of leaving my hat behind in forgotten places. However, I just use magic to poof up a new one… but then the cycle continues. I lose it and poof again– which clutters the space! If anyone would like to help find my hats, I’d kindly let you do so. 

Encore Resort at Reunion’s Second Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

I love a Halloween tradition – that is why I’m continuing the Encore Resort’s Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. My Spell Hops have dug up their best designs for their pumpkins, and we need our guests to decide the winner. Come and pick your favorite pumpkin of the patch and help decide which creation deserves the 2021 crown.

Grinning Ghost Bedtime Stories and Cookie Decorating With Willow the Witch & Salem the Usher

I’ve curated a spooky but fun collection of ghost stories and use my magic to read them to my guests. Sometimes, I even let my friend Salem the Usher share some of his own… and what is a good ghost story without a delicious cookie? As my guests listen to these tales of fright and delight, they can enjoy decorating their very own delectables. Talk about a spooky and scrumptious storytime!

Broom Service

My Broom Service is a very special way my guests can experience an extra dose of magic. With my enchanted broom, I deliver specialized gift baskets that capture the spirit of the season. My delivery dates are the 29th, 30th, and 31st of October. 

Encore Resort Presents: Spooks, Smiles, and Gators

Creatures are a big part of not only my life as a witch but also the world at large. So, I’ve called upon the experts to bring a spooky animal encounter to my broom & breakfast. This will be a hands-on education program, of course, that will not only teach animal lovers about wildlife, but also give them the opportunity to possibly meet a baby alligator, bearded dragon, scorpions, and so much more!

Stay a Spell: Wicked Splash Bash!

I’ve cast a spell of splash and spunk that transforms the Encore Resort Water Park into my Wicked Splash Bash! This spell comes alive every Saturday in October as the sky falls into dawn. There will be music, thrills, and Halloween delights, everything we need for an unforgettable night! 

All events are subject to change at any time.

For more information, please Contact Our Activities Leadership Team,
or call 407-308-0531.

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